Reader's View: Human trafficking also a pandemic

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Humanity is in a dark place. We have the coronavirus and demonstrations for the rights of people. But lurking in the dark is a worse and little-discussed pandemic, and it’s being brushed under the carpet: human trafficking.

According to the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children, child abductions have increased 90.46% since the lockdown. Not too long ago, there was an attempted abduction in our own city. Human traffickers make billions of dollars. If not for the high-up people involved, there would be no trafficking. No, you can’t fight this pandemic with a mask and hand sanitizer. It’s time for people to speak up. The boogeymen are not who we think. Some of them are men in suits.

We have many pandemics on the rise. I call for the good people to help save the 2 million slaves in the U.S. who are in captivity and the 10 million worldwide. We can make changes by who we vote for in office. Let’s make changes now and end human trafficking.

May our good Lord be with us.

Kelly Abu Azzam



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