Reader's View: Heed warning about GOP back in charge

Sen. Rick Scott shared "All federal legislation sunsets in (five) years." Goodbye, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Think the GOP would reauthorize those programs?

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With the upcoming election, let's consider promises one GOP member has made. Sen. Rick Scott described the party's goals in These quotes are his, followed by my comments.

"We will enact equal opportunity in education (school choice)." In other words, give tax dollars to the wealthy for private school tuition.

"We will make it a federal crime for any prosecutor, including the U.S. Department of Justice, to pursue prosecution based on political ideology." Who decides when it's political?

"Sell off all non-essential government assets, buildings, and land." Fire sales for the rich?

"All federal legislation sunsets in (five) years." Goodbye, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Think the GOP would reauthorize those programs?


"We will bar the federal government from using your tax dollars for advertising campaigns." Goodbye, Smokey Bear. No more military recruiting. So long, Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

"We will immediately cut the IRS funding and workforce by 50%." This year, the IRS failed to answer 10% of taxpayer calls. Reducing its workforce improves that?

Others also have hinted at what's to come:

In July, GOP senators celebrated blocking a bill to provide medical care for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals and smoke. They also blocked a price cap on insulin.

Several GOP state attorney generals asked the Supreme Court if the Constitution permits state legislatures to appoint electors to the Electoral College, ignoring the state's popular vote.

The Supreme Court no longer seems to find privacy a personal right. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that contraception, personal intimacy, and gay marriage should be reconsidered. Oddly, he apparently doesn't want to review Loving v. Virginia, regarding interracial marriage.

Sen. Lindsey Graham warned that if the GOP takes back the House and Senate, "I can assure you we'll have a vote" to ban abortion.

We've been warned.


Kenneth Arbogast

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