Reader's View: Have a clue about the coronavirus

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of masks when it is difficult to maintain social distancing. The CDC also recommends that masks have two layers, washing your hands before donning, only touching the straps or ties, washing your hands before and after taking a mask off, and not touching the part that covers your face. Masks need to be washed or swapped out daily.

Gloves are the same as hands; they spread the virus.

I have been to the grocery store several times without a mask since the stay-at-home order. I do not come within six feet of anyone. I have had mask wearers invade my space, hang out in the middle of aisles, touch their faces to adjust their masks, and pass in between others and myself who were social distancing.

Why would anyone wear a mask when alone raking their lawn, alone on a deserted sidewalk, or alone driving? OK, the driving makes sense if they did not want to touch their mask for its removal or donning.

I don’t think that the “mights,” “could bes,” and “seems likes” we are getting from “experts” instill any confidence.


The facts are sunlight kills the coronavirus in seconds and the best ways to stop its spread are social distancing and hand washing.

If our elected officials make wise choices, like not putting COVID-19 patients in assisted-living homes, we are going to get through this.

So, at stores, you will see my smiling face not covered. My washed and/or sanitized hands will be holding my wife’s hand. Typically, we will have two carts, one for my mother-in-law who is 88. For delivery, our hands get sanitized and masks put on. If possible, we set her groceries at the door, in the sunlight.

James Walsh


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