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Reader's View: ‘Gun control’ masks soft-on-crime policies

Americans don’t need more gun laws, and they want proactive policing.

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Recently, President Joe Biden gave a speech on the rising violent crime rate. Rather than go the obvious route of tougher policing and more prison time, Biden went after our guns. The nonsense flowed freely.

I watched Biden leaning forward and making funny noises and whispering into the microphone. Is he in a second childhood? I’d say he’s losing it, but it seems like he’s already lost it.

Democrats use gun control to sidestep accountability for their soft-on-crime policies. Americans don’t need more gun laws, and they want proactive policing. How is "defund the police" working out for everyone? Defunding the police is the offspring of that unholy matrimony between the Democratic Party and rioters.

Before voting for any police reform, politicians should be required to stand on the perimeter of a riot with the cops and take a brick in the head or a bucket of urine in the face from the "peaceful" protesters. They should be required to see the riot through the eyes of a street cop and quit pandering to the criminals.

Calling the riots "peaceful protest” is a misnomer. They look to me like felony riots. Protests may start out peaceful, but many quickly turn violent. This is not a coincidence. It is a strategy.


Our southern border is nonstop chaos and on the verge of being overrun with guns and other contraband being smuggled in. Biden appears dazed and confused and does not lift a finger to help stop the guns from pouring in. However, he wants the government to commandeer the AR 556 you purchased legally.

Larry Hendrickson

Soudan, Minnesota

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