Reader's View: Grab your shovel and enjoy 4th of July parade

The parade will go on in sunshine or snow.

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I enjoy reading Kathleen Murphy’s columns in the News Tribune. However, I thought I would comment on her column on Saturday, May 6, which was headlined, “ Weary from the weather .” April and the beginning of May were so cold she had to wear long underwear leggings, a sweater, fleece-lined boots and a scarf, she wrote. There is no doubt Superior and Duluth weather might be brisk in April and May.

However, we breathe fresh air, there’s no smoke covering our cities, and we have neighbors who help remove snow in December — snow that may continue into April and May.

So keep your long underwear, sweater, and mittens at the ready. Bring a lawn chair and be prepared to enjoy the Fourth of July parade in Superior. The parade will go on in sunshine or snow.

Just in case, bring a shovel and a hot cup of coffee.

Mary Ann Katzmark



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