Reader's View: Get over the hatred for Trump

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Embarrassed by President Donald Trump in Minneapolis? Give me a break (Reader's View: “ Democrats embarrassing at Trump visit ,” Oct. 19).

Letter writers should be more concerned about the fact that the president filled the Target Center and had to leave thousands of overflow outside in a state and city that is historically blue.

There should be more embarrassment over the Democrats’ behavior in putting this country through two years of a phony Russian collusion investigation. And now, after that was discredited, without missing a step, they are moving forward with an impeachment inquiry over who knows what. If that fails, there will be another phony something to attack the president over.

Get over your faux outrage about the president’s language and style and get back to legislating to address problems that desperately need addressing.

Democrats claim to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Well, not so far. Get over the hatred of President Trump, nominate a good candidate, and beat him in next year’s election. I’ll bet Hillary Clinton would be available if asked nicely.


Michael Nash


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