Reader's View: Freedom of speech means all opinions

Can we respectfully agree to disagree?

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I feel people have forgotten the most important thing we should and need to remember: the First Amendment to the Constitution. Our forefathers thought freedom of speech was so important that it needed to be No. 1.

I appreciated the News Tribune stating that the Opinion page is open to all viewpoints and that all letters it publishes express legitimate opinions (“ From the Editor: Opinion page open to all opinions ,” Jan. 26).

Can we respectfully agree to disagree? Apparently some feel the News Tribune should follow social media's high standard of filtering out what it feels is misinformation. Social media is not what should be emulated, though, because it has been shown to filter out only what it thinks is misinformation.

The medical community can't all seem to agree on COVID-19 information, treatments, and mask-wearing. The issue has become so toxic, with the vaccinated pitted against the unvaccinated, and people are being fired from their jobs for not being vaccinated.

It’s kind of ironic there is a nursing shortage when, in 2020, nurses were our heroes and there were no vaccines. Now, hospitals fire nurses for not being vaccinated.


I found it disturbing that a letter on Jan. 26 (Reader’s View: “Don't perpetuate COVID-19 misinformation”) called on the News Tribune to publish a retraction of a letter published on Jan. 15 (Reader’s View: “Remove masks, let virus die on its own”) and provide proper information instead of misinformation to its readers. I feel the News Tribune has been complying with that request all along. But the Opinion page doesn't and shouldn't apply to this demand when it comes to publishing opinions. It is called the Opinion page for a reason.

If we are not allowed to give differing opinions, then we don't have freedom of speech.

Kathy Beede


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