Reader's View: Franken shouldn’t be criticizing others

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October 14th story entitled: Franken in Hibbing “Shame of Stauber

It was a true disappointment to see the Oct. 14 News Tribune article, “Franken in Hibbing: ‘Shame on Stauber.’” It insinuated that Congressman Pete Stauber was somehow tied to money from a Super PAC that the public, in fact, knows very little about.

Franken has a host of problems and many accusations of his own to be ashamed of; some led him to step down from office. His return to the public eye with this accusation and smear on Congressman Stauber pointed clearly to his character.

Congressman Stauber seems to be a hard-working man for all in his district. Trashing an opponent is easy to do. Comparing Stauber and Franken, Stauber’s record, public service, and integrity stand far above Franken’s record.

Accusations are something Franken might consider staying away from, as they seem to have not served him well in his past.


Cindy Landeen

Chisago City, Minn.

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