Reader's View: Filter out leftist propaganda to find real news

In my mind, decisions regarding editorial content by newspapers in greater Minnesota raise questions of independence.

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Are Americans, focused on faith, country, family, and their livelihoods, being disenfranchised by leftist propaganda that steamrolls truth and tradition? Is there editorial complicity with leftist agendas?

Northern Minnesota’s printed news, limited to a couple issues per week, portends dependence on digital media more apt to facilitate radical ideological infiltration — if Twitter or Facebook have any influence. Editorial policies, with the exception of perhaps the News Tribune’s, seem to discourage opinion submissions from non-residents, even when a writer has multi-generational connections throughout the region. Apparently letters acquiescing to Christian principles against oxymoronic educational and governmental encroachments on Americans’ unalienable rights don’t have the same flare as letters containing radical progressive propaganda. Are editors trying to avoid personal and professional ruination from radical, progressive media-mobbing machinations? Do policies to avoid cancel culture unwittingly disenfranchise traditional viewpoints? It takes fortitude to stand up to the mob. In my mind, decisions regarding editorial content by newspapers in greater Minnesota raise questions of independence.

In synthesizing and correlating news from numerous sources for my commentaries, I reference crucial news local newspapers should’ve already reported. Considering the media's vast technological prowess, the time working Americans must spend filtering out leftist propaganda to find real stories is a threat to our freedoms. Real stories like the ongoing assessments of America’s politicized pandemic responses raising the specter of millions needlessly dying. Or real stories like parents, at war with the left, retaking their rightful role in their children’s education.

How convenient does the Ukrainian-Russian conflict seem for the Democratic administration, allowing it to double down on multiple crises already created while drooling over the prospect of running roughshod over Americans? This neo-Marxist-aligned cabal — including apparatchiks in the media, CDC, FDA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc., none any more trustworthy than before — cares little about Americans. Don’t be deceived.

Warner Gouin


Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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