Reader's View: Fed report an attack on Minnesota mining

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There is still much to learn about the feds’ attack on Minnesota mining and Minnesota’s permitting process (“ Forest Service: Copper-nickel mining poses threat to Boundary Waters ,” June 23).

But we know that this “withdrawal” attack on Minnesota’s way of life and Minnesota industry and workers affects not just copper-nickel mining but also our long-tested taconite mining industry in Minnesota.

We also know that this attack on Minnesota workers circumvents the very process that Minnesota has long established to determine specifically if this mining can be done in an environmentally responsible area. It is incumbent on our governor, all of our legislators, and our U.S. senators to join this conversation and stand up for Minnesota workers and communities. The bureaucracy is ignoring the information that has been presented.

Make no mistake about it, this incredibly irresponsible action is a broken promise to our working men and women and to our Northeastern Minnesota communities. There is so much more to come. If you care about the environment and if you care about our economy in Northeastern Minnesota, you must stand together now, especially those who ask for our votes, to right this wrong.

Roger Skraba



The writer is the mayor of Ely.

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