Reader's View: Extremes of democracy threaten freedoms

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The April 19 letter, “ Shutdown for COVID-19 going too fa r,” which suggested the unifying concept of following leadership, might have been overly optimistic, considering some pitting pandemic responses against Americans rights and dismissing obligations to seek a respectful balance.

Americans rising to crises but continuing to find even bigger messes hardly follow leadership indefinitely. Revolt being an option should never be confused with lawfully exercised and constitutionally protected protest. When do fear-mongers’ exaggerations, taunting, and prejudice against gun rights and gun owners earn visible protest?

The “Judge’s View” column May 7, “‘ Mob rule’ will only make matters worse ,” citing no crimes, implied legally exercised protest somehow leads to mob rule. It ignored egregious threats of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and FBI tyranny.

Decades of accommodating liberal-leftist divisiveness and extremisms, the Democratic Party even adopting their agendas, have only escalated blatant mockery of truth and justice. Interestingly, a May 7 unanimous Supreme Court decision in U.S. vs. Sineneng-Smith chastised the 9th Circuit for disregarding precedence and principles. The court, acting not as neutral arbiter, sought to blindly search for wrongs to right (a witch hunt), soliciting amicus briefs to reframe case presentation. This was a gross abuse of judicial discretion.

In Michael Flynn’s case, prosecutorial misconduct and FBI malfeasance made recommendations for dismissal self-evident, without dissent. Yet violating U.S. vs. Sineneng-Smith, the presiding Judge Emmet Sullivan delays, soliciting amicus apparently for introducing bias, allowed or not, was a disgraceful attempt to rewrite case history before Flynn’s inevitable exoneration.


Paraphrasing Edmund Randolph, speaking at the 1787 Constitutional Convention, in tracing these evils to their origin, every man had found them in the turbulence and follies of democracy. Alexander Hamilton agreed, proclaiming liberty is found not in "the extremes of democracy” but in a moderate Republican form of government.

The last thing Americans need is Democrats with more power absolutely corrupting absolutely everything.

Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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