Reader's View: Evil is reshaping American society

The Minnesota DFL telegraphed its intent to reject God by advocating for less reality and pushing government as the answer to seemingly every problem.

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Evil seems to be trying to reshape American society to do its bidding. writer Benjamin R. Dierker explained in a May 2018 article the tactic of using words to control culture. To paraphrase, radical progressives like to redefine words for personal gain, use modifiers to alter meanings, replace technical words with colloquial ones, and invent new words on the fly to distort effective discourse and bully the opposition. Dierker wrote, “We are a hair’s width and an ounce of stupidity away from ‘war is peace, freedom is slavery’.”

Now, the administration of President Joe Biden claims the word “sanitation,” found in the 1944 Public Health Services Act, grants the CDC the right to force masks on Americans, as the Epoch Times reported March 13.

Any wonder objective and nonpartisan journalism hardly exists in today’s national media. The “ antiracist” craze taking over newsrooms is the same obfuscated critical-race-theory programming that’s redefining history and creating division based on race and gender. The apparent aim is ensuring outcomes match leftist narratives rather than truth.

In “ Taking Back Our Country, One Word at a Time ,” Townhall columnist Deborah C. Tyler explains the left’s relentless use of “our democracy.” Philosophical arguments regarding democratic processes in America are far different than the left’s relentless use of the phrase to subvert our constitutional republic.


The Minnesota DFL telegraphed its intent to reject God by advocating for less reality and pushing government as the answer to seemingly every problem. One Duluth DFLer outdid them, authoring one of the most extreme abortion bills in the world — which Gov. Tim Walz signed, after being raised on Christian values .

Author Thomas Sowell once noted the futility of talking to people enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance. I imagine Duluth DFL voters are enjoying both.

Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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