Reader's View: End drug companies’ price-gouging

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Americans pay among the highest drug prices in the world while big drug companies take in billions.

That became readily apparent when we traveled recently to Portugal with some friends. One of them needed to refill a prescription. The cost in Portugal? $6.25 (30 cents had we had Portuguese insurance). The average cost in the U.S.? $55.00. For exactly the same drug from exactly the same manufacturer.

There are many drugs sold in the U.S. that are costing people hundreds of dollars a month.

Lawmakers need to stop drug companies from price gouging U.S. consumers and pass legislation to lower drug prices now. It is shameful that big drug companies are selling drugs in America that could be 10 times more expensive than those identical drugs sold in other countries. Congress needs to pass the Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019 to protect Americans from big drug companies’ greed.

Does price-gouging upset you? It should! Urge your member of Congress now to protect Americans and pass bipartisan, common-sense legislation to lower prescription drug prices.


Jack Setterlund


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