Reader's View: Enbridge tax dispute sticks it to rural Minnesota

Tough luck, Carlton County and 12 other affected rural Minnesota counties.

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Enbridge's Line 3 was (and will be) bad enough by enabling the spewing of massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, a gift that will keep on giving. Enjoying the recent runaway heatwave? It’s nothing. Just wait.

Now I read that Enbridge won in Minnesota tax court, meaning that this hugely rich foreign corporation can take back some $3 million in taxes it paid in Carlton County — where I have 44 acres of hunting land (“ Enbridge settlement approaches, ” May 17). Enbridge's “generosity” will likely get worse as its challenges state tax rates on its facilities over two additional years, potentially meaning another $1 million in Carlton County needing to be returned to its “good neighbor” from Canada.

Enbridge has spent a fortune in advertising and handouts for years to ingratiate itself to locals and to shut up others opposing its Line 3 Replacement Project. These egregious lawsuits show Enbridge's true colors: Enbridge giveth with one oily hand and taketh away with its other oily hand — locals be damned. Don't be surprised to see more of Enbridge's “generosity” in court in the future.

I wonder how much my property taxes and those of other county residents will increase to pay back our “good neighbor” Enbridge. I wonder what county infrastructure project or health, environmental, or other service will be cut or decreased because of this.

I suspect Enbridge will make billions from Line 3. You think it could have let this one go. Guess not. Tough luck, Carlton County and 12 other affected rural Minnesota counties.


This is apparently what happens when you get in bed with the likes of Enbridge for a few temporary jobs, grants, and other fleeting handouts.

Mark Herwig

White Bear Lake, Minnesota

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