Reader's View: Duluth Pack was only exercising its rights

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I am writing this letter to support the decision the owners of Duluth Pack made to invite presidential adviser Ivanka Trump to visit their business. They own it and had every right and freedom to host Trump and Interior Secretary David Bernhardt.

Those disparaging the owners and claiming to care about the environment are very hypocritical, typing on their computers filled with copper, driving their vehicles that use petroleum products, and using electricity probably generated from coal.

I don't understand why so many people are being openly critical toward the owners of Duluth Pack. I know it's difficult for many people in this day and age — with our freedoms seemingly being revoked on a sometimes-daily basis — to let a small business owner exercise his or her rights. I understand this is a difficult concept for a large number of people. But they can just respect the decision and set political opinions and personal beliefs aside.

Josh Bildeaux



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