Reader's View: Duluth filled with too many non-voters

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I found it sad that out of 53,383 registered voters in Duluth only 8,014 decided in the Aug. 13 primary who would be on the ballot in November.

People complain about their taxes, the conditions of the roads, people panhandling, drug issues, school issues, and the lack of family-supporting jobs, yet don’t care enough to vote. If those who complain had gone to the polls, we could have kept every incumbent off the November ballot. Instead, union mailers went out and brought out those who, in my opinion, vote according to the mailer and don’t do any research on the candidates. They don’t look at what those in office have done or not done to help this city.

Doing the same thing the same way will always generate the same result. If we don’t make a change in leadership, things will only get worse. More business will move out of town and more drug dealers will move in. Those two things will result in even more panhandlers.

The News Tribune published a story on Aug. 12 about how tourism may be reaching a plateau. The low turnout for the Bayfront Blues Festival this year and the tall ships event are proof of that. Where do non-voting citizens think the city will find money to maintain the status quo?

Susan Connor



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