Reader's View: Don’t run churches like corporations

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I ask, in response to the Jan. 20 article, “ Church asks older members to worship elsewhere ,” whatever happened to ‘all are welcome in God’s house’?” These days, many of our religious institutions are run like corporations, and God is pushed out!

I know many people of different Christian denominations who have experienced mistreatment at their places of worship. A common complaint is about how the “church pillars” treat them. The “church pillars” sometimes seem only interested in them when they could use them. When these members are no longer of use, they are dismissed.

Clerics are meant to serve their flocks. They should be good representatives of God who inspire people. They need to foster faith, hope, and love. Jesus made it clear what we need to do to be children of God. We need a conversion of the heart and to invite him in. We need to learn to love him with an open sincere heart. We need to be good people who do good deeds. We need to honor his commandments and live up to the standards of the Bible. We need to repent and walk away from our sins and evil. We need to pray with heartfelt prayers.

When I was a child, 68% of families attended a weekly religious service. Today, it’s around 25% in the U.S. and around 6% in Europe. Many people have lost their moral compass. Our society is so full of selfishness, fear, and hate. A world full of hate will end up destroying itself.

Melanie Kacer



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