Reader's View: Democrats stray from Founders on truth, American way

Many in the radical left seem to hate God.

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Some voices in America are demanding that truth, justice, and the American way be defined as their truth, their justice, and their way, even if irreconcilable with bedrock principles upon which America was built. The freakout from the radical left over the Twitter acquisition only proved the left’s authoritarian nature . Just imagine freaking out over another American planning to re-enshrine free speech as a bedrock principle of his company.

Adding to the Oct. 23 letter in the News Tribune, “ Are Democrats proud of their top issue? ,” Democrats inflamed and exaggerated the Supreme Court decision that really didn’t restrict or stop anyone from killing the unborn, only to continue pushing their radical ideological agenda.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s devilish claim that Democrats have always unified Americans ignored that Americans putting God, family, and country first have always been the true source of American unity. Our Founders integrated Christian principles into founding documents, making the protection of natural human rights paramount. Yet, too many Americans, organizations, and lawmakers ignore the futility of appeasing leftist radicals, known since before World War I for inviting horrors. Organizations implementing amoral, woke programs and lawmakers setting man’s laws above God’s laws not only betray traditional American values; they portend the destruction of religious freedom and the ability to enforce it, moving America toward the epoch of sin against God , with nary a debate .

Many in t he radical left seem to hate God . Tyrants expecting everyone to put government first, which is grossly irreconcilable with traditional American beliefs, would attack those values and the socioeconomic systems supporting them. Democrats’ so-called Respect for Marriage Act would further enable what the Feds are already doing . The “ Disrespect for Marriage Act ,” as critics call it, would open floodgates to the persecution of Americans who disagree based on traditional American values and American principles Democrats seem to hope to destroy.

Warner Gouin


Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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