Reader's View: Democratic control an opportunity for action

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Most of us have had parents tell us that actions speak louder than words. This country needs action on issues of concern to all Americans, including access to health care, student debt, climate change and the environment, the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration reform, a sustainable economy, and matters of social justice. These issues are important as they affect the lives of all Americans.

During the past four years, President Donald Trump and the Republicans, have stymied legislative efforts to seriously address any of these issues and have convinced nearly half the country that much of what they see in the news isn’t real or true and that any effort to address almost anything of consequence is unnecessary, misguided, and/or corrupt.

Trump’s promise to “make America great again” didn’t happen. What did happen was the systematic dismantling of anything accomplished by President Barack Obama and the growth of Trump’s base of support, a vocal group of citizens which supports his promises, believes his nonstop rhetoric, and is not put off by his grievance-based approach. These supporters are unlikely to have their minds changed by any argument, however logical or well-reasoned, as their worldview may be fundamentally different, due primarily to their news source of choice.

I believe the division is now beyond being able to be fixed with words. It’s time to show, with action, that American greatness can be renewed.

It appears likely we could have new government leadership for the next four years, with control of the White House, House of Representatives, and, possibly, the Senate held by Democrats. This would create an opportunity for action.


I believe Trump’s efforts to steal the election will ultimately fail and that common-sense legislative action that actually addresses the issues our country faces can help heal our divides.

Jack Pichotta


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