Reader's View: Dangerous to ignore medical experts

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The April 11 letter, “ Do not accept just being in lockdown ,” could not have been written in the world of reality. Encouraging people to not believe what the media is telling us about the deadly coronavirus is dangerous. If anyone feeling similarly wants to go about life like it was before the U.S. had its first deadly cases of the virus, they would need to go out into the woods and stay there, with no contact with anyone.

This disease is so deadly and so contagious that all of us are at risk of getting it and passing it on to others. No one has immunity from it other than its survivors.

I hope anyone who agrees with the letter has no loved ones or friends. If they do, and they go about life mingling with others with the same ideas and who are possibly contagious with the virus, they may contract the virus and pass it on to others, some of whom may die.

Does anyone offering the sort of advice as was in the letter want the deaths of others to be on their shoulders because they are too uncaring to stay home and would encourage others to do the same?

This is not the time to ignore the information from experts in medicine and disease. This is the time to stay home and avoid hurting yourself and others. Find a hobby or read with the time you have available to educate yourself about this virus. There will be plenty of time after the danger is over to go and do whatever you want without endangering yourself or others.


Sue Sweet

Sandy, Utah

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