Reader's View: Criminal acts while rioting is unacceptable

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Are you fed up with the lawless actions of rioters? We need to elect mayors, governors, judges, and Department of Justice officials who will enforce laws. Peaceful protests are protected free speech. Riots that destroy property and assault police officers are not. The first person to throw objects at property or police should be arrested — and the next and the next until there are no more violent actions.

If a store owner is inside his business and his store is being broken into by rioters, he should be allowed to defend his property, even by deadly force. Texas and Texans have it right. Minnesotans don’t. If you shoot a person breaking into your house or business here you better get a really good lawyer and plan on the fight of your life just to stay out of jail.

We need to elect people who will protect the citizens, not the criminals.

What happened in Minneapolis and in many other cities was hard to believe. The places with the most unrest are governed by liberal mayors who side with or defend the actions of the lawless, as though this behavior is somehow justified.

What happened to George Floyd was terrible, and there will be justice. But when will there be justice for all the damage done by the rioters? Vote these people out of office.


Stan Vee


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