Reader's View: COVID money well-spent on homelessness

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In weighing COVID-19 relief expenditures, the News Tribune Editorial Board saw fit to pit our homeless population against our senior citizens. (Our View: " Stretch COVID relief in Duluth beyond homelessness, " Nov. 19). The editorial objected to the City Council spending a portion of its $1.3 million allocation to provide a warming center and hygiene facility for the homeless, arguing that senior citizens bear a much greater burden from the pandemic.

The board did so without any specific suggestions about how, exactly, the money might be spent to help seniors.

As someone who already qualifies for senior meals at Perkins and sometimes gets into theaters on the senior rate, I appreciated the editorial's consideration.

But I think I prefer the City Council's decision to spend that money in a way that is clearly needed and truly could deter the spread of the coronavirus and other infectious diseases to the editorial's non-proposal that it be used elsewhere.

John Lundy



The writer is a former News Tribune copy editor and reporter.

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