Reader's View: COVID-19 a reminder that life is short

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We have seen much good in the presence of this pandemic. People making sacrifices to serve others include those caring directly for COVID-19 patients to those making masks, delivering meals, or giving of their time and finances.

The coronavirus, like all threats to our existence, is a painful opportunity causing us to recognize our fragile and fleeting existence. In the Bible’s gospel of Luke, some people questioned Jesus about the meaning of the premature and violent deaths of two different groups of people. They wondered what did they do wrong that they died in this fashion. Jesus answered, “I tell you, no, but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

He said “no” because they were hoping that these people were worse than them, that those who died had done something to deserve their fate and therefore those asking the question were exempt. We wish that were true of the coronavirus, as well, but we recognize it is still not true. The virus has taken and will take those like us — and maybe even us.

But a hope-filled statement came next. Jesus redirected their thinking. The key is the word “repent,” which means to change your mind: specifically here, in a biblical sense, from living for ourselves to living for God. The opportunity for us to give our lives to God is now.

We will all die. If not from COVID-19, then it will be the flu or cancer or heart disease or a stroke or, for some, old age. Regardless, this life is very short. If all we have to hope for is this life then it is reasonable to scratch for every moment. If we have hope of eternal life with God that changes everything.


Kion Hoffman


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