Reader's View: Churches support the wrong side

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This is In response to the March 16 letter, “ Remove Schumer for threatening justices, ” which was opinionated and one-sided.

Sen. Chuck Schumer made remarks on the steps of the Supreme Court. “You will pay the price” for pro-life decisions, he said. The letter writer must have assumed Schumer then put out a hit on conservative justices. But “the price” he mentioned may just have been taking control of the Senate and presidency at the ballot box in November.

What about when President Donald Trump, speaking of the former ambassador to Ukraine, Maria Juvonovich, said, “Take her out, take her out tomorrow!” Was he saying to take her out for a nice dinner or take her out of the equation?

So many religious pro-lifers have been brainwashed by seminarians that the Democrats who support choice are the baby-killing problem when, indeed, it was while Republican President Richard Nixon was in office, on Jan. 23, 1973, that Roe vs. Wade (legalizing abortion) became the law of the land and was supported by a 55% majority of Republican Supreme Court justices.

Republicans own it, but Democrats support it and somehow receive right-wing damnation endlessly for it.


There are 10 Commandments. All are forgivable. It’s why the thief hung on the cross next to Jesus is in heaven today — through forgiveness.

Today’s churches are in trouble for buying into the Party for Life, pushed by the Christian coalition, as, prior to this, church attendance in America was at 80% and now is just over 20%. The handwriting for churches is on the wall. However, they have been sold a bill of goods and have bought into it hook, line, and sinker. Reminds me of the old hymn, “Open My Eyes that I May See.”

Tim Kaspari


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