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Reader's View: Bring back Duluth’s good ol’ days

Those were times when one never had to leave their neighborhood.

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When I was a young man in Duluth, this city was industrial, with many grain elevators, Diamond Tool, National Iron, Clyde Iron, and rail yards of 20 or more tracks along Garfield Avenue. There were also churches, corner stores, post offices, doctors and dentists, and schools in every neighborhood.

Those were times when one never had to leave their neighborhood, as many of the above-mentioned were the hearts of those communities.

Along came big-box stores, supermarkets, chain gas stations, post-office closures, megaschools, and so on. The heart of most of the community was removed long ago, and Duluth now claims to thrive on tourism while only increasing its population over the past 20 years by 400-and-a-few folks.

When I was a young man, China was a third-world country. Through importation, it is now not only our banker; it is a superpower.

Most stores here are full of imported products, and many folks drive foreign cars and trucks. Although some vehicles are built in America, are corporate offices in Dearborn, Michigan, or in Korea or Japan?


Many store shelves are void of products, as we see ships loaded with foreign containers waiting to be unloaded onto rail cars. We are at the mercy of others.

Many folks blame President Bill Clinton for the passage of NAFTA; however, its architect was the first President George Bush. He tried to pass it twice and failed. Clinton passed Bush's plan finally, making them close friends.

Here’s an idea: Send the ships back across the oceans, file bankruptcy on China, rebuild America, only buy American, and unite us all once again.

Tim Kaspari


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