Reader's View: ‘Boatload of love and caring’ needed now

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A recent Opinion piece gleaned a one-sided view of today’s intellectual (progressive) wing of the Democratic Party. The shallow image was not flattering, considering what is taking place in this county and the world today.

Oh, sure, it’s neat to value the intelligent, rational-thinking side of a person, but there is more to the makeup of completel person — much more. How about some personal warmth, including some humility and warmth? What about charitable feelings of warmth and a forgiving nature?

These human sides show the heart and soul of a person, attributes that round and soften a person.

I saw very little warmth in the letter, which arrogantly and pompously slammed President Donald Trump and the Republican Party for their efforts in confronting COVID-19, which is presently killing many of our people.

The Republicans are too slow in recognizing problems attacking them, the letter said. They don't use rational thinking and empirical evidence to quickly get to problems like intellectuals do, yada-yada-yada.


Well, how is all that empirical thinking and rationality doing right now in comforting thousands of U.S. citizens dying of this contagion or being isolated from their families in life and death? How is that coming? Not fast enough.

What’s needed right now, besides a cure, is a boatload of love and caring and spiritual love. However, when some intellectuals spout from their ivory towers, I guess it’s very difficult to see and care about the hurting and dying masses below.

Ron Trethewey


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