Reader's View: Biden performing well, in spite of Republicans

Speaking of bad theater, Republican proxies, scripts in hand, are tediously and predictably trying to pin all the blame on President Joe Biden.

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Woke up the morning of Feb. 24 to learn that the former president’s good buddy, Vladimir Putin, is staging an invasion. I use “staging” deliberately, because he set it up like a piece of theater — bad theater I have to say, with a plot so obvious my 2-week-old niece could have seen through it from day one. Please note that the former president (who shall remain nameless in this letter) called it a work of genius. But we know how low a bar he sets to qualify as a (stable) genius.

Speaking of bad theater, Republican proxies, scripts in hand, are tediously and predictably trying to pin all the blame on President Joe Biden. We might all be rolling in the aisles witnessing this ludicrous farce if not for the deadly realities at stake, particularly for the people of Ukraine.

Lately, polls have been saying that people are unhappy about how President Biden is performing his job. So, I have to ask: Who have the pollsters been asking? If they were to call me, I would point out that, despite the pandemic, the economy has turned around, unemployment continues to drop, and, if it weren’t for the mulishness of the Republican Party, the president’s Build Back Better plan would be going great guns. The plan would be accomplishing some long-needed infrastructure-rebuilding and some urgently needed climate change risk reduction, while keeping a lid on inflation along the way.

So, if a pollster happens to call you, try to tune out the static coming from the right-wing media and from those who want to monopolize every news cycle with their lunacy. Take a deep breath and look at the world as it is, not as what someone wants you to believe it is.

Guy Roger


Isle, Minnesota

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