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Reader's View: Another day, another project delayed

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Industry is the backbone of northern Minnesota’s economy, but when every project is met with loud opposition from anti-mining groups intent on delay, then our entire state suffers. Such is the case with the seemingly endless round of litigation concerning PolyMet’s NorthMet Project.

Minnesota’s Court of Appeals extended temporary stays on PolyMet’s permit to mine and two dam safety permits. Now, PolyMet, industry partners, and hundreds of potential workers throughout northern Minnesota are waiting for the courts to review the permits — yet again.

Such delays put the future of Minnesota’s economy at risk. St. Louis County’s in particular; the county stands to see a much-needed $500 million annual economic benefit once the project opens.

Public-sector infrastructure and services, as well as families and businesses, are counting on PolyMet’s continuous hard work and dedication to bring the NorthMet Project through the construction phase and into operation.

The project is very complex, as nearly 15 years of rigorous environmental review and permitting have shown. PolyMet has proven, time and time again, that the NorthMet Project is capable of meeting and exceeding all state and federal regulations.


Another delay by the opposition won’t change that, but it will slow our state’s and county’s progress toward a stronger economy.

Ryan Sistad


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