Reader's View: Altruism, extremism impractical for governing

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The crux of the June 16 letter, “ Duluth leaders a rubber stamp of Minneapolis, ” was systemic liberalism having no concept of good governance.

Liberal’s actions too frequently create bigger messes than just doing nothing — like liberals forcing individuality into conformist collectives to control rather than build responsible self-reliance.

As Minneapolis leadership’s tepid riot response increased area gun sales to 20-year highs, paradoxically abolishing police and condoning Antifa only justifies Minnesota passing castle-doctrine laws and reaffirming Second Amendment rights.

Considering nine of 11 Confederate portraits House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted removed were Democrats, you’d think she was erasing history so Democrats can do it all over again.

State attorney generals advise the highest levels of their states’ law enforcement, yet media questions about Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s picture supposedly showing him promoting Antifa’s handbook have gone unanswered. His son, a Minneapolis City Council member, proposed defunding police and pledged allegiance to the militant Marxist group Antifa. So Ellison’s claim of being against “any kind of discrimination and hate” seems disingenuous or worse, dismissing legitimate threats.


Proof that American voices are being oppressed was published in a June 4 Townhall opinion, “Americans, Speak Up! Stand up for your Country!” Regarding cancel-culture oppression, Marina Medvin wrote, “Americans are keeping their opinions to themselves, terrified of social justice warriors looting their lives if they dare dissent. ‘What's the point? No one is interested in listening or having a discussion. You either 100% agree, or you are a monster,’ a woman exclaimed.”

America’s Founders rejected altruism and extremism as impractical for governing — for good reason. But if hidden presidential nominee Joe Biden’s declining health confirms he’s no more than a figurehead and his radical socialist running mates and handlers implement through succession what nearly 70% of Americans reject, you’d better kiss domestic tranquility goodbye.

Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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