Reader's View: Action needed on climate change

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As a member of the League of Women Voters — a group that, before taking a position on any issue studies that issue and takes consensus and that has taken a very strong position on climate change — I was on hand, along with many other league members from Duluth, to support the Youth Climate Strike at City Hallon Sept. 20.

It was heartening to see and hear the youth as they talked about their concerns and their hopes regarding climate change. So articulate, so passionate. It made me feel that our world will be in better hands than it was in my generation where consumerism was rampant and the environment something to think about sometimes.

I and many, many others feel it is long past time for elected officials at all levels of government to step up and address this climate crisis head-on. There are already many possible solutions out there. No more platitudes, no more saying it needs to be moved to the next level.

I was happy to see that the Minnesota Legislature has started a Climate Action Caucus. The word "action" is what I was glad to see. I hope our local state Reps. Jennifer Schultz, Mary Murphy, and Liz Olson are members of or will be joining that group. I look forward to seeing action at every level of government — and the sooner the better!

Sally L. Munger



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