Reader's View: Abortion ruling furthers fascism

Reproductive health care is no longer just between a patient or family and a doctor; the state is watching.

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Could the abolition of abortion rights be a step toward fascism? Ridiculous?

Please consider the loss of privacy. The overturn of Roe v. Wade introduces government involvement in our most personal sexual, reproductive, and family decisions. Reproductive health care is no longer just between a patient or family and a doctor; the state is watching.

Consider Big Brother. Our conservative Supreme Court has determined, in effect, that government can make sweeping reproductive decisions, ignoring individual women’s physical and mental health and individual families’ situations. Personal self-determination and freedom of choice have been thrust aside in favor of a law enforcing the ideology of a court minority.

Consider family life. With the introduction of state-controlled reproduction, families are deprived of the freedom to ensure that every child born is a wanted, cherished addition. Families retain the responsibility for children, but their rights are restricted.

Also, the decision effectively endorses a state religion and that a conservative religious minority can impose its views, with the force of law, on all people. And banning abortion may not be the end of the theocratic yearnings of this ultraconservative court. Contraception, same-sex marriage, and even interracial marriage all seem vulnerable.


Perhaps most ominously of all, in some states, the abolition of abortion rights has been accompanied by the introduction of rewards to vigilantes for ferreting out and exposing people seeking banned health services and those who assist them. Turning neighbor against neighbor in the service of state-enforced ideology is a familiar step in totalitarian states — and now is the law in parts of the U.S.

Of course, few of those who seek to limit or eliminate abortions do so while intending to further fascism. Nevertheless, many appear willing to sacrifice the freedoms of others in the service of their ideology. There are unintended consequences.

Charles Gessert


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