Reader's View: Democrats thwarting free speech on COVID-19

Using the same standard Biden applied to Trump, maybe Biden should resign.

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Democrats use the word "misinformation" to dismiss contrary opinion as bogus while simultaneously attempting to elevate their own opinion as fact. I refer to a letter in this newspaper a few weeks back. I have never seen such hysteria over a less-than-300-word letter proofread by the newspaper’s editorial chief.

It reminded me of an old phrase used by men in the U S. Army Air Force in World War II when bombing the German Reich: “If you are taking flak you know you are over the target.” Today, the phrase is a metaphor used when people attack you. It means your words have unintentionally touched a nerve or exposed an issue someone else would rather not have revealed.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris expressed significant reluctance regarding vaccines when the jabs were first being developed under President Donald Trump. They’ve since done a 180. In a debate, when the death toll from COVID-19 was 220,000, Biden suggested to Trump he should resign. More than 440,000 have died under Biden. Using the same standard he applied to Trump, maybe Biden should resign.

However, during Biden’s COVID-19 debacle, no one has resigned. No one has been sacked. No one has been held responsible. The buck never stops. It just gets passed. It’s the same old same old: masks and vaccines. The same things are done over and over, with different results expected.

COVID-19 is pouring in across our southern border. Secure the border. It could be a real game-changer. During this health crisis, we should be looking to free speech, exchanges of ideas, and a diversity of views. Instead, Democrats give us censorship, mockery, and willful ignorance.


Our solution to COVID-19 seems stuck on stupid.

Larry Hendrickson


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