I’m writing in response to the May 13 letter, “Votes denying human-caused climate change alarming.” As a teenager and soon-to-be adult, I’m genuinely concerned about the future of the Earth. I’m frightened of living in a world where the beautiful parts of nature that I’ve grown to love no longer exist.

It baffles me that some people and politicians remain ignorant to such a pressing issue. Humans are destroying our Earth faster than ever, and we’re about to hit the point of no return. With scientists, and even NASA, telling us our actions are killing the Earth, how are we still questioning the legitimacy of climate change? It’s real. And so is the threat it imposes on us.

This can no longer be a political issue. Climate change is the world's issue now. We need to restrict projects that continue to harm our environment.

No more copper-nickel mining near our Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. There has to be better ways of obtaining our resources than risking our precious nature.

We need to get rid of our dependency on plastic products in restaurants and schools. The amount of plastic-foam trays and plastic silverware being used daily in my high school is disgusting.

It’s time for both sides to stop arguing and denying facts and to start coming together to set restrictions on emissions and to put bans on harmful waste.

Josh South