The Nov. 6 column in the News Tribune by Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post (“No, climate change is not an ‘existential threat’”) led me to do some research on his primary source in the piece, author Bjorn Lomborg.

Lomborg is a controversial economist and political scientist who, despite lacking a background in climate science, has written several books and articles claiming that climate scientists have it wrong. One need only to put Lomborg’s name in a search engine to discover his false claims about climate change have been disputed and fact-checked by many sources, including Climate Feedback (, a worldwide network of scientists. This group finds Lomborg’s scientific credibility to range between “low” and “very low.” A distinguished group of Danish climate scientists (Lomborg is Danish) has accused him of “scientific dishonesty.” Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel laureate, economic science) reviewed Lomborg’s 2020 book, “False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet,” and wrote: “This book proves the aphorism that a little knowledge is dangerous. It’s nominally about air pollution. It’s really about mind pollution.”

I doubt Thiessen concerned himself with fact-checking this fellow much before touting his views in a column. Why would he? Lomborg’s so-called “facts” seem to align with Thiessen’s conservative and anti-science view that climate change is no big deal.

It’s easy to cherry-pick your sources; it’s lazy to attempt to support your argument with a charlatan such as Lomborg.

Gail Trowbridge

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