Climate jeremiads crow about poll results that claim upwards of 80% of American people want clean energy. Considering the credibility of the source, this is a loaded question. A more honest would be, “How much are you willing to pay for clean energy?"

Most Americans would probably agree they already pay enough for energy, clean or otherwise. Clean energy does not mean cheap energy. Since President Joe Biden started his war on fossil fuels, the price of gas is up a dollar a gallon. Already Biden has squandered America’s energy independence. Recently, the closing price of oil topped $80 a barrel. The price of oil is off to the races.

Not only is it a big mistake shutting down coal, oil, and gas, it’s prohibitively expensive and plain dumb.

I doubt if Biden has given enough thought to wind and solar. Wind is best described as intermittent, and solar does not show up half the time. Neither one is as reliable, efficient, or convenient as fossil fuel. Both are the scourge of birds, bats, and waterfowl. Both are also so inept they need a staggering amount of copper, nickel, and other semi-precious and precious minerals to operate. And to worsen the situation, we will be getting a ton of taxes from Biden’s green build-back-better plans.

So far, about the only thing Biden has built back better is the Taliban. Inflation is running red hot, with prices up across the board. Our southern border is a war zone. Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan. Whatever happened to "leave no man behind”? Our supply lines are falling apart. An insidious and sneaky carbon tax is on deck.

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Biden seems to be going into climate change more confused and clueless than his handling of Afghanistan. We know what happened there. It wasn’t pretty.

Larry Hendrickson


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