Regarding COVID-19 vaccination vs non-vaccination or masking, the following must be said. Believe me, (a little Trumpism here) I regret that I must be so blunt, but the current national health dilemma demands both a solution and an understanding.

Just as a dead person does not know that he/she is dead, a stupid person does not know that he/she goes through phases of stupidity. They want you to stop telling them that two plus two is four when they absolutely know without a doubt that it is five, or maybe six.

This phenomenon is an extension of when a child age 1 to 5 knows that mom and dad are the smartest people in the world and everything they say is gospel. From age 6 to around 11, their teacher is the world’s greatest authority. However by age 12, their friends know more than anyone and what they utter is now non-contestable. It is where opinion outweighs science, logic, or at a minimum common sense. Logical debate metamorphoses into frustrating but yet laughable discourse.

Fortunately, most of us grow out of that cycle. Unfortunately, there are those ordained to remain in that delusional sphere of influence forever.

The solution? In a dictatorship the resolve is simple, just do it. In a democracy the issue must be debated over and over again until the wheel of knowledge slowly grinds to a halt and frustration and complacency rule the day, and tragically lives are lost.

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As a nation we must overcome political posturing and ignorance to arrive at, by a national majority vote, a referendum based on facts that compels common sense rules to govern health crises.

Burleigh K. Rapp


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