I want normal without risk. I want the miserable pandemic to end. I want to attend trials without masks or without using Zoom. I want to sit close to people at church and to be able to travel without worrying I will need hospitalization and there will be no beds.

Why must taking an effective vaccine be politicized? When I was a kid and the polio vaccine became available, you can bet no politicians were uncaring enough to make a political issue out of a public-health wondrous discovery.

Sometimes I hear people saying it is part of their personal freedom to not get vaccinated. This manifesto should be properly entitled, "Personal Freedom to Infect." Others say they are healthy and not worried about catching COVID-19. But what about the risk to Gramps, who has bad lungs? Or the lady next door with immune deficiency? Or the 10-year-old niece or nephew?

Recently, a prominent politician was quoted by the News Tribune, saying, “It’s just a gradual process from here on out. As people see loved ones that go through COVID, then more and more people get vaccinated. It's either vaccination, or you end up getting COVID."

The quotation missed the points that vaccination delay kills, vaccination delay harms our economy, and vaccination delay steals our freedom.

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Robert C. Falsani


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