Now that the latest U.S. killing contest known as “war” has ended, let us check the scoreboard to see who won.

We’ll start first with the “fake” Iraq War: The Cost of War Project at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, counts 280,000 Iraqis dead between March 2003 to 2018. On the U.S. side are 4,500 dead.

Moving to the “fake” war in Afghanistan: The Cost of War Project has 71,000 Afghan and Pakistani civilians killed and 60,000 opposition fighters dead. On the U.S. side, we lost 2,500 lives.

Total final score for both wars: 411,000 killed in the Muslim world, and 7,000 killed in the Christian world.

Well, this is a big fat “win” for the United States. Numbers like this do not lie. What we obviously can conclude from this is Muslims are very violent but not really good at killing people, and Americans are non-violent and peaceful but extremely good at killing people.

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Wow, we sure have killed a lot of Muslims. But they were terrorists, right?

Who is really fighting the “war on terror?” Who really are the ones we need to put on “terror alerts?” How can they even be terrorists when they are so inept at killing?

Shut up, U.S. media, do your job, and call this war stuff for what it is.

Frank Erickson


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