When commenting on Twitter, I’ve discovered that Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and conservative TV host Laura Ingraham ignore meaningful conversations in favor of slinging mud at Democrats who dare speak the truth. Why? Apparently because repeating lies like a stuck record strengthens 45's charismatic hold on his base. So they sling mud at Democrats who don’t actually entertain non-issues.

Recently, GOP propaganda has been railing about critical race theory being taught to children, claiming it promotes racial hatred. The truth is, critical race theory isn’t taught in Minnesota K-12 schools. The critical race theory myth is intended to discredit the “radical left” by doubling down on a non-existent issue.

And their wild card, “defunding the police,” isn’t widely supported by Democrats. Think for a moment: Would any politician (including Democrats) be stupid enough to advocate for totally defunding police, so that no funding was even left to answer distress calls?

But none of that matters because these ideas were entertained briefly by some Democrats in 2020 and are now embraced by few. Also, President Joe Biden seems to totally reject them.

Why do Republicans insist these red herrings are cherished by Democrats? Maybe because their goal is to vilify Democrats by falsely portraying stupid policies as cherished by the left. The GOP is focusing on those “evil Democrats” who supposedly want to force critical race theory on our children — and, perhaps, mess with our “precious bodily fluids!” (That’s a Dr. Strangelove reference.)

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However, no Democrat or Republican is really stupid enough to embrace either myth, though Republicans keep saying Democrats do. Really, Democrats aren’t dumb enough to entertain such myths. Yet Republicans are crafty enough to repeat their lies, knowing that many Americans lack critical thinking skills and have no idea that both issues have little support among Democrats.

Peter W. Johnson


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