Rep. Pete Stauber recently cosponsored a resolution “condemning the Chinese Communist Party for 100 years of gross violations of human rights and standing with the Chinese people in their struggle for liberty.” As a person born and raised in China, I appreciate this. The CCP has been abusing the Chinese people for decades.

Among many human-rights abuses mentioned in the resolution, one is personally relevant: the persecution of Falun Gong. According to the resolution, “The Chinese Communist Party has enacted a widespread campaign to eliminate the practice of the Falun Gong…utilizing methods of suppression including arbitrary detention, forced labor, physical torture, nonconsensual organ harvesting, and in some instances even death.”

Regarding organ harvesting, Rep. Stauber also recently cosponsored H.R.1592, the Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act of 2021.

During the 1990s, Falun Gong became the most popular form of qigong in China, with as many as 100 million people practicing. Parks everywhere were filled with people doing the slow-moving exercises and meditation. While there were many forms of qigong in China, Falun Gong offered a spiritual focus and a moral foundation based on the principles of truth, compassion, and forbearance. Many recognized the practice as something from their own history and culture.

In 1999, then-CCP leader Jiang Zemin launched a campaign to eliminate Falun Gong, even though members of the politburo advised against it.

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I was one of the millions of people practicing Falun Gong in China at the time. In August 1999 I left China on a scholarship and have not been able to return since. However, my troubles were few compared to many of my friends. Some of them did not survive.

Only through increased awareness, our collective efforts, and universal condemnation will the cruelties committed by the Chinese Communist Party stop.

Winston Xie


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