The conservative Heritage Foundation identified 193 cases of voter fraud by mail from 2000 through 2020, a period in which 250 million people voted by mail. In-person voting-fraud cases were even less common. So an American citizen is more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit voter fraud.

Nevertheless, in 2021, Republicans have proposed several hundred measures in 47 states that would make voting more difficult. Our majority-rule democracy is being dismantled from the inside by Republicans seeking minority rule at any cost. As they fool less people less of the time, their dirty tricks and authoritarianism will only become more desperate, until, I fear, they resort to the ultimate dirty trick: the fascist overthrow of our democracy.

Incumbent parties often lose seats in Congress in midterm elections, and that may be the case in 2022. But the needless difficulties voters in predominantly Democratic areas will face will be the result of a deliberate assault on Americans’ freedom to choose their representatives.

Fascism is the ultimate cancel culture. Republican attempts to cancel our democracy may come wrapped in the flag and banging on a Bible, but they are unAmerican to the core and must be stopped.

David A. Sorensen

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