Critical race theory, or CRT, has become the new pandemic. It seems to me a mixture of racist and sexist policies, and it has infected our country forever. Its popularity within communities of color gained momentum after the murder of George Floyd. Unlike COVID-19, which is deadly, critical race theory is curative. Once understood, the patient becomes rejuvenated and convinced that knowing the truth is the key step in recovery.

CRT superspreaders have a vaccine plan. First, convince all the various minority groups to recognize they're all in the same discriminatory boat and their similarities outweigh their cultural and ethnic differences. Second, add to that pile the millions of white females who also have had a seat in that discriminatory boat. Finally, march in unison to the boardrooms, school boards, law schools, courtrooms, and voting booths to register your newfound cure for the twin evils of racism and sexism: the truth.

Many don't want the cure and refuse to be vaccinated against racism and sexism.

A group of CRT believers chose to book a flight from Texas to Washington, D.C., in order to stop their fellow legislators from restricting Texans from voting. The governor even said he'd arrest them all if or when they returned to Texas.

What a flip flop. The same naysayers who said the coronavirus is a hoax and that masks and vaccinations are infringements on individual rights are now jumping over themselves to pass laws destroying the rights of CRT believers. Something similar happened 100-plus years ago when evolution was the scourge of the day. Who is the John Scopes of today? It looks like we will have another Scopes Monkey Trial on our hands.

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Dave Griffin


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