Well, let's talk about the item in the news stating that millions of dollars will be spent for a new building to house administration offices for the Duluth school district. You know, the item we cannot vote on (“Board approves $31.5M for new buildings; voter OK not needed to issue bonds,” June 26).

Central High School is to be razed and a new building built. So more of our tax dollars will be spent on things we do not need. What a waste. The district could have made millions of dollars on the Central High School building and site when it had an offer. But the School Board declined. It would have provided competition for ISD 709, the district claimed. What a crock!

Mayor Emily Larson needs to get involved in things that matter. Has our city administration done what's best for the people who live here and pay high taxes? Do we have trust in the administration?

Duluth will receive $58 million in pandemic money. Larson wants to spend a lot of that on low-income housing. Will her recommendation for “investments in improving outdoor spaces” include bike lanes and trails? All people should remember she will spend on things she wants, not necessarily what people need. For instance, new roads would be nice so Duluthians do not leave parts of their cars on the roads. Homeless problems do not matter, it seems.

So much mismanagement. Change would be nice. Who agrees?

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Jim Mattson