Trudy Rubin’s excellent “National View” column on May 8, “Lies are undermining press freedoms in the US,” was a warning of our nation’s state of health. Its prognosis was on the money and alarming.

We are being hammered on the airwaves by so-called alternative news sources. They clamor for attention by manipulation in many forms, and through discernment you can cut through their tactics and compulsion for an audience.

Rubin understands the personal dangers of truth-telling, which has led to the murders of brave journalists. Reading her column, I couldn’t help thinking of Daniel Ellsberg and his courageous act of releasing the Pentagon Papers to the press. The government threatened him with treason. His life was on the line, but he walked the walk and was eventually acquitted. In retrospect, his actions helped shorten the Vietnam War and saved lives.

Our country today is at another crossroads. One starts with the knowledge of a problem and works for the reconciliation of differences.

Gerald Norrgard

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