The May 21 letter, “Australia stopped mass shootings; US can too,” seemed to be suggesting that gun bans and confiscation would lower crime rates in the U.S.

It stated there have been no mass shootings in Australia since the National Firearms Agreement was implemented in 1996. But this is only true if you count shootings with at least five victims. In reality, there were many with fewer than five victims, according to Wikipedia.

In describing the agreement, the letter failed to mention one of its key features: the confiscation of 700,000 guns from law-abiding citizens. The 2006 British Journal of Criminology article, “Gun Laws and Sudden Death: Did the Australian Firearms Legislation of 1996 Make a Difference?,” concluded that the agreement had no influence on the homicide and accidental death rates in Australia.

Also, consider that guns are used in self defense six times more frequently than in crimes, according to a 2005 National Crime Victimization Survey.

In addition, the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy reported that the U.S National Academy of Sciences and the U.S. CDC both failed to identify any gun control that had reduced violent crime, suicide, or gun accidents.

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Perhaps Vice President Walter Mondale was right when he said, “Gun bans don’t disarm criminals, gun bans attract them.”

Martin Theobald


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