Teamsters General Local Union No. 346 wants to show its support for Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project and for the Respect Minnesota initiative (

Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project is the most studied pipeline project to date, and we with the Teamsters know it can be and is being done safely.

Here in northern Minnesota, we all love our communities and what they have to offer, from great fishing lakes to wooded areas and hiking trails. However, we also understand Minnesotans have very strong values and that not everyone agrees with the Line 3 project.

The Respect Minnesota pledge encourages freedom of speech and a commitment to personal safety. The pledge to personal safety is essential for our members and the work they are doing. By taking the Respect Minnesota pledge, we commit that we will listen to others with differing opinions, will be accountable for our words and actions, and, most importantly, will respect our beautiful Minnesota environment and others.

Teamsters Local Union 346 has been asking its members to take the Respect Minnesota pledge prior to working on projects to help guarantee we can continue to work in a safe working environment. Everyone should be able to go to work in the morning and safely make it home at the end of the day to their families.

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Teamsters love a good debate and for people to demonstrate how they feel regarding a particular matter. But it is imperative that we all do this in a peaceful, non-confrontational manner.

We can all do better — and respect Minnesota.

Roderick Alstead


The writer is secretary and treasurer for Teamsters General Local Union No. 346.

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