Imagine if the majority of our current GOP senators and congressional members lived in earlier American times:

1775: “Oh, I don’t think we should anger King George with our petty little complaints. Yes, yes, he ‘excited domestic insurrection among us,’ but really, what’s a little insurrection?”

1789: “Hold on! What’s this about ‘the person with the greatest number of votes shall be president’?”

1789: “Good Lord, impeach our president for treason, bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors?”

1791: “No, it’s ‘Congress’ shall abridge the press to get our message out.”

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1791: “’A well-regulated militia?’ Pshaw, we don’t need any militia if there’s a cannon in every garage.”

1836: “You tell Gen. Houston to forget the Alamo. Get Santayana to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.”

1868: “Your amendment that exempts a man from serving in Congress if he participated in rebellion seems way harsh. Think of all the fine patriots a little treason will exclude.”

1941: “I rise today to endorse Mr. Lindberg’s America First position that America must not become involved in this foreign war.”

Kenneth Arbogast

Two Harbors

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