It was difficult to understand the reasoning behind the News Tribune’s editorial support for lifting the embargo on Cuba, as proposed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Our View: “Minnesota could cash in on Cuba trade,” May 25).

Doing so would give a regime the opportunity to make millions of dollars knowing it violates human rights — and would let it get away with it. "Cash," the word the headline used, should not justify the means.

Cubans are not the only ones affected by Cuba's dictatorial regime's actions. Diplomats in Havana and in the U.S. are also affected by a series of ailments with permanent damage. But that seemed to be of no consequence in the editorial’s line of thinking.

Regarding the “2014 prisoner swap" the editorial referenced, and which was used to justify President Barack Obama’s immoral attempt to lift the sanctions, it should be noted that one of the prisoners was serving a life sentence for killing American citizens in international space.

No, cash does not justify making millions, which Cuba would probably not pay and the U.S. taxpayer would end up footing the bill in subsidies to American farmers.

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Ninoska Perez Castellon

Doral, Florida

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