Gov. Tim Walz deserves praise for his leadership in bringing “clean cars” to Minnesota.

As a landowner in St. Louis County and a homeowner in Minneapolis, it is important to me to protect our environment. My family participates in Minnesota’s forest-sustainability program to be good stewards of our forest.

I am nursing a 2003 Honda Civic until I am able to purchase an electric car to make the 130-mile trip between my properties without using fossil fuel.

It is ridiculous that my consumer choices (like purchasing the Ford 150 all-electric truck in Minnesota) are being limited by shortsighted legislators imposing their bias on me. I thought this was America, home of the free?

These cars are the future; most new electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are not available for sale at all in Minnesota right now because they all get sent to clean-cars states. Gov. Walz is working to make Minnesota a clean-car state so we customers have choices and can purchase cars that are fast and powerful. Plug-in cars can fuel up on the wind and sun, and they get the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon or more, with fuel costs less than $1 per gallon or less.

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Minnesota’s clean-car rule means car manufacturers have to offer choices here, too, and one in 20 cars sold in our state are expected to have a plug-in by 2025, jumpstarting the clean-car revolution that will sweep the industry. These cars are better, cheaper, cleaner, faster, and easy to maintain.

What are Republican senators afraid of? Competition for their paymasters in the oil industry?

Catherine Jordan

Brevator Township

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