Founders trusted Americans to bear the inconvenience of opposite and rival interests, as an “invention of prudence,” to ferret out truth and consequences. But lacking that character and fortitude, the perverted mash-up of ill-will within the Democratic Party spends its time claiming such honesty is too divisive, racist, or whatever.

Tennessee Congressman Mark Green, a physician and combat veteran serving on the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees, explained in his April 13 Townhall commentary, “While America Slept: The Story of a Distracted Military and a Rising China,” how the administration of President Joe Biden is putting America at risk — by “redirecting precious time and resources to appease the woke mob. … The left today may be ‘woke’, but they sure aren’t awake.”

Editorial commenters have characterized those on the left as going full speed off a cliff, congratulating themselves for how “woke” they are, free from the confines of "normalcy" and American historical and cultural tradition. The left is like a train doing away with the restrictions of the tracks, celebrating, albeit short-lived, what most people call — a train wreck!

Hardly democratic, Biden voters screaming causes for the sake of democracy have installed a dictatorship. Leftist dishonesty and emotional ploys threaten the few checks and balances still obliging the government to control itself.

The April 12 letter, “Fix the filibuster to address gun violence,” advocated killing the filibuster, claiming a fear of going “grocery shopping” or to a “movie theater” or “concert.” In Duluth? Are you kidding?

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In another train wreck, congressional leaders, disregarding why the powers of government are supposed to be divided — the exact logic that’s allowed grifter politicians time and again to exploit globalist policies for financial gain, causing decades of economic crises — under the cover of chaos, unconscionably demand Americans suck it up and foot the bill.

Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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